Bubble Shooter Mobile

Bubble Shooter Mobile 2.16

Test your skill by bursting the bubbles!


Bubble shooting games are among the most popular types of mobile games, and it's not hard to see why: the very genre seems custom-designed for mobile platforms. Absolutist Bubble Shooter Mobile is no exception: it's easy to pick up, has addictive and methodical gameplay, and most importantly is great fun. With four levels of difficulty, Bubble Shooter Mobile is pretty much guaranteed to keep you entertained

In all, a simple but highly enjoyable arkanoid style game, and highly recommended.

Are you sure you have nothing urgent to do? It's better to finish everything before you start shooting color bubbles and exploding their avalanches because otherwise you won't even start doing your job!

Bubble Shooter takes the best from Tetris(TM), Arkanoid, and Pool adding new and cool features. Four levels of difficulty allow players with different preferences and of various age groups to enjoy the game in full. Beware - it's addictive!

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Bubble Shooter Mobile


Bubble Shooter Mobile 2.16

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